Last night was Gossip Girl night, (spare me details CW.com is awaiting me to watch it tonight) and the day before my BFFL/coworker Tiera and I watched season 2 for ohh you know about 10 hours straight only to take food breaks. But we came to the conclusion that these are the men we need in our lives. Tiera is partial to the BASS man while I’m a bit head over heels for the Humphrey boy! Anywho…After Tiera saw last nights episode she proceeded to Tumble rather than do her homework and graced me over facebook chat with these wonderful images! MEN take notes! Lonely boy offers some “down to earth” in life, Nathanial has stunning good looks, and the BASSard well, he’s just the package with a mysterious side. Perfect men with perfect style.

Come into Chrome boys so we can dress you to impress like the GOSSIP BOYS…ull get every lady in town 🙂


GG is Back.

Doesn’t this picture just make you smile 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂

Hope everyone caught the Season 5 Premiere of Gossip Girl last night! I love that some style inspiration is back on TV…What were your favorite looks of the night??

Did Blaire have a motherly glow?? Or were we just mesmerized by Serena’s California sun-kissed glow?? We shall soon find out!