Founded in 1981 in Eugene, Oregon, Will Leather Goods is a leading American men and women’s leather accessories brand recognized internationally for their use of high quality materials and excellent workmanship. The brand caters to men and women’s everyday needs with an authentic and handcrafted feel. Will Leather Goods manufacturers belts, bags, wallets and other small accessories that are classic, stylish, and most importantly, functional.

Will Leather Goods products adapt to any lifestyle, from the streets of Manhattan to the sands of Venice Beach where the brand was founded. Bill Adler, the company’s founder and President, was an actor in Hollywood who starred in numerous TV shows and films throughout the 80’s. Out of necessity during the SAG strike, he started the brand as a small leather belt stand in Venice, CA under the name “Billy’s Belts” to provide for his family. Today, known as Will Leather Goods, his belt stand experience has expanded globally, selling handcrafted bags, wallets, cuffs, neckties and other small accessories.

I love brand knowledge. Thought I would share WILL Leather Goods brand history with you all. These fun bags are the perfect christmas gift this holiday season, they are fun, functional, affordable, and pure good quality. I want one to use as a slumbo bag! (I stay at my best friends a little too much…I may as well just live there, but closet space unfortunately denies me that option).




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