The Eiffel Tower
 Monmarte from afar
Monmarte up close

It’s Paris Fashion Week! So before i start posting all my favesies from my favorite Parisian designers, I just wanted to get you all excited with a little bit of french architecture. I’ve always thought that the buildings and atmosphere of France reflect on the people and the way they dress. A Parisian woman could be spotted a mile away in the states because she just has this aura of sophistication around her. I had the privilege of studying abroad in Paris last summer, and it truly is a city like no other. The people, scenery, architecture, food, and FASHION are all things that you honestly cannot find anywhere else in the world…not to mention it’s so romantical! Next time I take a trip to Paris it WILL be during Fashion Week and I WILL weasel my way into seeing Lagerfeld.  FACT.


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