Meet the Stylist: JORDAN

Meet Jordan! She’s a funny gal to say the least..If you ever are having trouble in the love department she would be happy to set you up, we think that she’s secretly meant to be a matchmaker. We love her for her spunky personality and contagious smile, so come in and meet matchmaker/stylist Jordan!

Name: Jordan

Age: 19

Major: Early Childhood Education

Where do you go for fashion inspiration? Lookbooks are a great place to find fashion inspiration! Nastygal has some of the best ones in the biz!

Who is your style icon? The Kardashian sisters! They are always dressed from head to toe, and definitely have set the trends!

What is one of your most embarrassing moments? Freshman year at Tech I answered the door in just my bra and sheer spanks, thinking it was my best friend from my sorority, NOPE. It was my roommates guy friend, and there I was in my bra. I shut that door SO FAST!

Bieber or Ashton Kutcher? Ashton, he’s an older man 🙂

What is your #1 Fall essential? Combat boots!


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