Meet the Stylist: Bryer

Why hello there Bryer, aren’t you looking sassy! This girl is not afraid to take a fashion risk EVER. She is unique, herself, and ballin’. That’s why we love her and her unique style! If you are looking to make a bold statement she is the stylist you’re looking for.

Name: Bryer

Age: 19

Major: Pre-Law and Photography

Describe your personal style: My style is one big mixing bowl of everything! Anything from classic 20’s & 30’s to hip 70’s and 80’s.

Who is your style icon? and why? Lady Gaga inspires me to be creative and cut out of my comfort zone! Whether it’s puffy spiked sleeves to 13″ heels!

Favorite Magazine? Glamour and the ever fabulous NYLON, they have fashion tips from head to toe!

Most embarrassing moment? Slipping in my platform shoes in the clubbbb and almost busting!

Your fall obsession? Denim, Denim, Denim! Anything from denim tops, colored jeans, or even corduroy!




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