A MAGICal Experience

The designer of Bijules, Jules Kim. Not only does she create some of the most intricate jewelry I have ever seen, but she has impeccable style…I mean does it get any better than that hair??? I would die and go to heaven if someone purchased me one of her nail rings…any takers?One of my favorite looks from the week…Pure effortless style…every girl needs these shades, and a pair of statement pants. God Bless America. I love these sparkly pants with red sandals, I ran after the young lady to ask her where she had found those treasure of a pair of pants, only to find out she dug them out of her moms old box of “trash”…She agreed with me that the box was definitely not trash!–You will be happy to know that we carry these lovely red Sandals here at Chrome, just come in and ask us for them 🙂This is my MAJOR creeper moment of the day…I love Lauren Conrad so I just had to take a snap of her working her PAPER CROWN booth. You are gorgeous Ms. Conrad. —TREND ALERT BOYS—Neon Shoes!!!….They were EVERYWHERE…We love a man with style.Talk about a modest outfit–I think Coco Chanel would have some wise words about this one–none the less he is my FAVE. Our owner making some new friends, they were all having a very intense conversation about shoes. I love pretty food. nom nom nom

VIVA LAS VEGAS! This was my first trip to Vegas, and my first time to experience MAGIC/PROJECT. For all of you who don’t know what this is, MAGIC/PROJECT are the shows that buyers go to to pick out next seasons clothing. It is the most overwhelming tiring MAGICAL experience you will ever have, and it was my heaven! I got to see next seasons must have trends before anyone else, and saw some of the most stylish people in the world..talk about some inspiration! I people watched for hours and discovered some AMAZING brands that I had never heard of. I love finding brands I become obsessed with, like REVERSE, which we will be getting in this Spring so be prepared for fashion greatness!

We laughed (thats what chromies do best), gasped (at amazing finds), cried (because of our tired feet), and chowed down (on delicious Vegas cuisine)…What a MAGICal experience 🙂

xoxo, Chromies


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